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Sugar Control Diet

This diet is used to improve your sugar control mechanism. Please follow it very closely. As your condition improves, various foods will be added by your Doctor. The objective is to return you to a more comprehensive diet, as soon as your body will allow. The closer you follow this diet, the sooner your body will respond. The benefits are many: people feel better on this diet, generallly having more energy and thier energy is more steady; weight loss is common; cravings disappear;mentally and emotionally people often feel much better; improved quality of sleep is generally noted. This is also the diet that we use to prevent Diabetes.

PROTEINS: Small amounts of protein every two hours is sthe key. You may have as much protein as you desire, but no more than the size of your plan at one sitting.

  • Red Meat - optimally 3 oz. 3 times a week
  • Fish - unbreaded unlimited
  • Fowl - unbreaded unlimited
  • Eggs - unlimited
  • Nuts - see under snacks (raw nuts)
  • Cheese - is O.K. if your doctor has not specdifically stated that you should avoid milk products. NO PORK

VEGETABLES: Eat lots and lots of these!

  • Green/Red Vegetables - unlimited
  • Yellow/Orange Vegetables - smaller portions. NO POTATOES

FRUITS: All fresh fruits are allowed except for bananas and mangos. No dried fruit

BEVERAGES: WATER - IDEALLLY!! 1/2 per pound of body weight daily. Herbal Teas (unsweetened) are fine. Fruit Juice - (containing no added sweeteners) diluted 50% with water. Limited to twow-6oa, glasses/day.


  • Almonds - unlimited (All nuts chew thoroughly) NO PEANUTS. ALL NUTS SHOULD BE RAW.
  • Walnuts - unlimited
  • Brazil Nuts - unlimited
  • Fresh Fruit

GRAINS: Restricted to Roasted Rice for dinner only.
Roasted Rice may be used. Method: Place long grain rice in a dry skillet and brown to a golden brouwn. Some of the kernals may pop. Cool, store and cook as you would cook regular rice.


No wheat or wheat products are allowed (this includes white flour products like pasta, cracker, cereals and bread).
No sugar, honey, maple syrup, etc...are allowed

This program is designed to improve your bodies' ability to maintain its blood sugar within a healthy range. Your maintaining this diet strictly will also allow us to see what symptoms you normally experience which may be related to fluctuations in your blood sugar levels. This diet can also be helpful in correcting blood sugar problems in some patients, as well as help detect allergy related symptoms.

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